Keeping Up With Hollie O'Brien: Part I

As some of our regular patients may know, Hollie is an ever-developing individual who believes in furthering her knowledge so that her patients are receiving up to date information and protocols within the industry. Hollie regularly attends lectures and conferences both nationally and internationally. Hollie's latest endeavor will see her off to be at the home of the White House - Washington D.C.

In mid-October, Hollie will be attending the International Pelvic Pain Conference in Washington D.C, where she will spend five days listening to top world researchers on treatment protocols and learn the latest informational approaches of endometriosis, pain with intercourse, bowel disorders and other pelvic pain syndromes.

Hollie's passion for women's and men's health has driven her to take up this amazing opportunity, and we wish her a studious trip away to the US-of-A. Watch this space!

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