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Chemo Fatigue Fighter Class:

Our Chemo Fatigue Fighter class has been designed to be low intensity, working on maintaining muscle, flexibility and balance. Each class is run in a private exercise studio and only open to the fatigue fighter class while in session.

Post Treatment Strength Recovery Class:

This program is based on the internationally recognised program STRENGTH AFTER BREAST CANCER. It aims to gradually increase your strength and cardiovascular fitness in a supervised and supportive environment. Classes are conducted in a private studio.

Prostate Rehabilitation Exercise Program (PREP)

The PREP program was developed by Jo Milios a Men's health physio in Perth, based on her post graduate research. It has now been running in Australia for 5 years. It is a fully supervised program designed to help men build up their mood, mate-ship and muscle, while preparing or recovering from Prostate Cancer Treatment.

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